Once a year we receive a special offering above our tithes and FL Foundation, which we refer to as our HEART FOR THE HOUSE offering. Everything we receive goes to help maintain our current facilities which enable us to come together as God’s House.


God’s House is a special place. It’s where God’s people are joined together, becoming the habitation for the Holy Spirit. It is a place of freedom and life, a house where God changes lives. God’s House is our house. It is where we are planted, where we belong, serve, love, and give our lives without hesitation. It’s a special place that is flourishing, growing, far-reaching, and where the generations gather and the prodigals come home.  


This year we invite you to give to the HEART FOR THE HOUSE offering specifically to improve your campus.


  • FL Christiana / Main Campus - Renovating the gymnasium to improve our Twentyfourseven Youth experiences as well as serve as an asset for other church-wide events. This part of the building is vital to our weekly outreach and for building God's House today. We believe in investing into the next generation (Psalm 78:4)! The estimated cost is $50,000.
  • FL Coatesville Campus - Updating equipment to improve the environment for serving people and ushering in God's presence. Worship is one of our five purposes (Matthew 22:36-40) as a church and it is essential that we create an experience that eliminates distractions and puts the focus on the awesome God we love and serve. The estimated cost is $7,000.
  • FL Centre County Campus - Meeting structural needs to improve the safety of the foundation and exterior areas. For us to reduce risk and assure security for everyone who enters our doors, we must properly care for the areas of the building that require maintenance. The estimated cost is $12,000. 


It is our prayer that when people enter the doors to our church that they will experience the freedom and life only God can offer. We want people to be touched and transformed by the presence of God and the power of His Word -- that they may leave different than when they entered. This is what has happened to many of you. What God has done for you, He wants to do for others. He will not without us and we cannot with Him.


Please join us as we faithfully partner with God and sow into the Kingdom with the gifts and talents we've been given on Sunday, June 5th, through our HEART FOR THE HOUSE offering. Our family will be making a gift and we ask you to pray about what God would have you give.