Some families say, “This Is Us,” while most families say, “Who Are We?” This month we want to teach you how to create a dream and a vision for your family!

Every family ends up somewhere, few family’s end up somewhere on purpose! Join us this Sunday and begin leading your family intentionally.

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One of the first steps in determining the legacy you want to leave for future generations is establishing the values that are most important to pass on. Subscribe to the 31 DAYS OF BUILDING YOUR FAMILY'S VALUES devotional to explore 31 potential values for your family to pray through together. This will help you develop a strong understanding of your family's values and chart a course for the future that offers guidance for daily decisions.

This February, join with us every Wednesday at 7pm on the Freedom Life Facebook page for a four-session video learning experience that will help your family live with intentional direction! Download the participant guide by clicking the link below.


Far too often, culture, media, and even those around us try to tell us who we should be. With so many voices attempting to shape our values, it can be difficult to stay on course and live lives that reflect what is most important to us. Through this course, you will begin to intentionally lay a foundation that will help ensure success in your most important ministry—your family!

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